What is CopyInvestor?

Intelligent trading platform to help generate profit effectively, with signals from experienced traders and expertise in making a profit from the FOREX market for investors to choose according to their satisfaction, an easy-to-use system for beginners or experts who rarely have the time to make them sustainable and stable profit.

How it works?


Create an account and connect the your brokerage via the CopyInvestor platform.

Connect with leading brokers.


Find and copy FX trading strategies from leading traders around the world.

Choose amount 100+ Traders


Take your profits, increase your investments and look for the next expert trader.


“Make simple profits with CopyInvestor, intelligent trading system, easy to use, automated trading orders from global traders, manage risk management on the basis of satisfaction.”

Our Strategy Providers


Advantages of Trade Copying

Best Trading Platforms

Our trading platform is easy to use and accessible to all levels of investors, and is easy to learn and understand. The key is available for all platforms.

World class trader

We are proud to serve our clients by selecting a professional trader, experienced and proficient in making a profit.

Easy to profit

With infinite profitability, investors can make a profit continuously, at any time and every day. Do not waste time analyzing graphs or something else that wastes time.

Transparent and clearly

We conduct our business with utmost transparency to ensure that our clients do not have any conflict of interest. Traders must have their reports and achievements accomplished so that investors can choose without obscurity.

Fast and secure transactions

We are committed to ensuring that deposits and withdrawals are fast, easy and safe. Our privacy policy guarantees the security of all your personal information.

Risk Management

Good risk management will give investors a high chance of making a profit. Please be assured that if your account balance is below the margin requirement, your position will be automatically closed to minimize potential risk.

No Fees or any charge

No hidden fees, no exchange fees, government fees, or commission fees. Most brokers will receive a return on their services from a service called “bid / ask or spread”.

Professional customer support

Our professional team is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. The main goal of customer service is courteousness and effectiveness in dealing with customers. We hope that if problems arise, we will be able to make things right.

Fast Account Approval

Use a small amount of paperwork to apply for an account with us, which is easy and fast to approve as required by law.

High Liquidity

One of the benefits of Forex trading is that the market is open 24/5. Your trading will not have any problems. And you can also set up your trading platform to automatically close your trading position at the desired profit level (limit order), and/or close the order if the trading results do not meet the requirements (stop loss).

Official Partners

We are a professional provider of innovative technology, openness and regulatory compliance. We are aware of the importance of doing business in a stable and secure environment, so we conduct all activities with transparency and honesty. We comply with stringent financial standards and need to periodically report to our regulatory authorities. In addition, we have good financial conditions and provide transparent information. Customers can deposit - withdraw money safely and quickly. This transaction is linked through a trustworthy brokerage company from the client's account. Customers have the freedom to choose from the brokerage and customers have the right to add or remove any broker from their account.